My Only Earl (Heirs of Cornwall, Book 3)


Lady Diana has only ever loved one man. She put her heart on the line at sixteen and lost, but she has never forgotten her childhood friend, Edward, the Earl of Calverston. Neither has she married. Instead, she established an investigative service and several charities to occupy her time. But now Edward is back! Edward went to America a callow youth and returns a hardened businessman who knows what he wants. And what he wants is Lady Diana. But Lady Diana's parents have arranged an advantageous marriage for their daughter despite her opposition. When matters heat up between her and Edward, she's caught between the desires of her heart and the dictates of her position, and the decisions she makes could put her chance of happiness in jeopardy for all time!

"My Only Earl" is a rollicking tale that delights with its blend of humor and romantic drama! Set in 1844, Queen Victoria has recently ascended to the throne and Britain's industrialization and empire-building continues. Lady Diana engages readers with her investigative ventures and intrepidness. Edward's time in America gives him an appealing edge for a British peer. The comedic timing of events and dialogue are superb and Lady Diana's investigative partner and Edward's mother nearly steal the show. However, Lady Diana and Edward's decisions seem inconsistent with their characters, and without more setup, it is difficult to believe a lady could openly operate an investigative service in Victorian society. Yet, this fast-paced book is perfect for any afternoon or evening. "My Only Earl" entertains with a spirited and heartfelt second-chance-at-love romance that will make readers laugh and warm their hearts!  

Tricia Hill