My Noble Knight


Layne Fletcher is proficient with a sword, at jousting, and traveling with her brothers to tournaments to win enough money to buy their own farm. However, when her brother is found unconscious before a match, she takes his place on the field. Her deception is exposed when she unseats Griffin Wolfe, the undefeated jousting champion, and is ordered to pay a fine or go to jail. Unable to allow a woman to be thrown into the dungeon, he pays her fine, thereby indenturing her as his servant. However, things get complicated - not only when the safety of their families is threatened by a saboteur - but also by their growing mutual attraction. 

This unusual tale of medieval romance has been researched thoroughly for an accurate account of a knight’s life, with a dash of mystery thrown in. The main characters are drawn to one another from the beginning, and while it starts out with a spark of chemistry and intrigue, the plot falters when the forced cohabitation is not fleshed out as much as it could have been.  Some readers may find the period does not lend itself to believability, given Layne’s daring behavior along with being mystified over the saboteur’s revelation and subsequent resolution.  Additional drawbacks are the confusion in the explanations of the differences between knights, commoners, and who can enter tournaments, as well as a few scene transitions.  This is a quick read that diehard romantics may compare to “Cinderella” meets “Brave”.

Roberta Gordon