My Highlander Husband (The Clan MacLaren #1)


Lady Juliet Kingston travels to Scotland on command of the English King, to marry the son of a Scottish laird.  Juliet is determined to do her duty, although her heart’s desire lies elsewhere.  However, her husband, Ross MacLaren, claims a heart she thought unavailable to him.  When the Jacobites rise up against King George in a bid to put the Pretender Charles Stuart on the throne, her new family is in jeopardy.  Her first love, John, comes to Scotland for her, and is willing to place the MacLarens in harm’s way to bring her back to England with him.  Can Juliet stay true to her husband and keep the MacLarens safe?

“My Highlander Husband” is an engrossing historical romance, immersing the reader in 18th century Scotland.  Juliet and Ross’s courtship will appeal to readers.  Love comes unexpectedly for them, and time only makes it stronger.  The Jacobite uprising backdrop grounds the novel’s characters; they feel like people who actually lived during that tumultuous period.  Juliet is a sweet, kind, loving, resilient woman who is careful when giving her heart, but loves fiercely and steadfastly.  Ross is dreamy and honorable, falling hard for Juliet and unafraid to show it.  Readers with a fondness for the Scottish and their history will be enamored with the MacLarens, particularly Ross and his independent and resourceful sister Glynis.  Although certain key plot elements are left unresolved and the chunk of time when Juliet and Ross were separated seemed overly long, “My Highlander Husband” is an enjoyable read.

Danielle Hill