My Highland Love (Highland Lords #1)


Heiress Elise Kingston's whole life changed on one fateful trip from her home in America to London.  Her daughter's murder, the death of her brother, her husband's complicity in it all, and the subsequent sinking of their ship led her to be washed up on the shores of Scotland and taken in by the Clan MacGregor.  When the MacGregor heir, Marcus, returns home, he finds Elise has settled in to his home and is taking care of his family. As Marcus and Elise begin a hesitant courtship, the Campbell and MacGregor feud is still alive and well, and Elise's vengeful heart cannot forget what led her to this point. Duncan does his wooing while protecting his clan, but his burgeoning love for the mysterious American will be tested when her past comes after her.

What a compelling and intricate plot this book turned out to have!  This is no typical Highland romance.  Scottish pride and swords and hatred between clans abounds, but the inclusion of an American adds a new aspect...and new this adventure. Not only is the love between Marcus and Elise intense and passionate, but they are both older than many romantic leads, which lends a naturally mature feel to their love.  Elise is a strong female character, only matched in backbone by Marcus. There are plenty of sweet words but also unexpected tragedy and heartbreak, and a sudden mysterious twist that moves the story forward in great big leaps.  The ending is somewhat abrupt, but that can't erase the this emotionally intense ride...or the unforgettable romance that this author delivered.  An excellent read!

Nicole Duke