My Fair Groom (The Sons of the Aristocracy #3)

Linda Rae

Alistair Comber, the second son of the Earl of Aimsley, has returned from the war against Napoleon after three years in the British Army.  After vowing to one of his dying men that he would take care of the man's wife and children,  Alistair is eager to keep his promise.  The Earl of Aimsley has other ideas, however, and when Alistair defies him he disinherits his wayward second son.    Needing employment and a place to live, Alistain hides in plain sight at Harrington House.


Lady Julia Harrington, daughter of Lord Mayfair, has placed a wager of her own involving the new handsome groom working the stables on her father's estate.  She will teach him to become a gentlemen, presenting him at the Mayfair Ball.  When she shares her plans with Alistair, he can barely contain his amusement.  Learn to be a gentleman, indeed!


"My Fair Groom" is the third installment in The Sons of the Aristocracy series. Gabriel is a tempting character and gains the readers admiration by showing a kinder side when he falls for Sarah. Sarah although from the lower class, shines in her honesty and circumstance. With this novel Ms. Sande has taken a perhaps unusual approach - rather than concentrate solely on the main couple, she introduces a secondary set of characters with a much darker story than the main protagonists.  This results is a novel much richer in depth than one would suspect when reading the synopsis.  Two engaging love stories, simultaneously told, will take the reader on a winding journey between them - full of misunderstandings, hidden identities and good roaring regency fun!


Margaret Faria