My Brother's Keeper

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King James' witch hunters terrorized men, women and children in Scotland in the early 1600's. Those accused of witchcraft, even if innocent, usually found no reprieve from the Church or their nobles. Instead they experienced the cruelty of the most grotesque tortures from biased prison guards, underhanded trials overseen by clerics and nobles, and finally immolation at the stake.
William Fylbrigge has fought against these trials, freeing many at the last moment. He believes his demonic nightmares are at an end when finding refuge at Drumoak castle, in the heart of Stonehaven. Yet on his wedding night when he expects to have rest from his heroic struggles and begin his life with Mehlyndia, the unexpected happens...
Lorrieann Russell has successfully woven an intricate tale possibly retold in hushed whispers over the fires of time. History is not always kind and in this historical story it is not. Friendships and oaths are tested as family ties are strained under the weight of one brother's greed and jealousy over the younger brother's new title. Although sibling rivalry is a tale as old as time, Russell gives it a unique perspective with the addition of added villains and a measure of black magic. She then wraps up her loose ends only to offer renewed challenges in the epilogue; a tactic some readers may find annoying but a story worth savoring!

Erin Murdock