My Bonny Heart (Pirate's Progeny #1)


The turbulent life of notorious pirate Anne Bonny is about to change to a domestic one. After escaping from prison she flees by ship to America as Anne Morgan - a widow betrothed to Lord Addison Blackhurst. Although anonymity and safety for her children is her motivation, married life was not her first choice but she is ever determined to be in charge of her fate. Lord Addison also had plans of his own when he made the deal with her father for a wife and land; falling in love and a heroic rescue were far from what he had bargained for.


This story is gripping from the get-go with much promise of mystery and adventure! Anne is a feisty and strong female pirate that is easy to take an instant liking to. Addison is admirable but not entirely memorable; yet when the walls break down the attraction between Addison and Anne is electrifying with just the right amount of mystique and romance. Alternating between moments of predictability and those that steer into darker events (a kidnapping and attempted rape), "My Bonny Heart" may not be fully embraced by some readers; yet it's sharp and witty writing engages and wholly entertains.


Margaret Faria