Mutiny of the Heart (Romancing the Pirate #4)


Joelle Quint, notorious female pirate and captain of the legendary ship, Rissa, is tormented by unanswered questions about her past. After acquiring Sloan Ricker, a slave with map-reading skills, she sets sail to discover the truth - treasure worth more to her than any gold. However, Sloan has his own agenda. - freedom, and he will fight for it at any cost. Barone Valeryn, first mate of the Rissa and first in the captain's heart, is the only obstacle in his way.  Valeryn is complication he was not anticipating, nor was he expecting his own heart to succumb to Joelle's charms. He must choose between his freedom and his love for Captain Quint.  

 Immersed in action, mystery, adventure and romance, the reader is easily swept away to the Carribean in the 1770's and will be enraptured with every word. The lust between Quint and Ricker is blazing, yet her genuine love for Valeryn is endearing. A truly winning pirate with all the attributes one would expect, yet with admirable qualities of a woman wrapped into one. Both Ricker and Valeryn are equally charismatic and will steal the readers heart, just as they have Quint's. Thick with twisty plots and betrayal there is no end to the numerous mysteries and swashbuckling mayhem from the beginning to the end. It is feisty, strong, bold and captivating!

 Margaret Faria