Must Love Kilts (Must Love Series Book Three)


PARANORMAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Traci Campbell and her younger sister Fiona are exploring the Highlands while on vacation, in an effort to reconnect. A bottle of Glenfiddich and a ridiculous bet lands one of them in hot water and the other trapped in the past. 


Iain MacCowan and his cousin Duncan - two fine, strapping men in kilts - rescue the maidens from a risky situation in the tavern. Drink and gaiety ensue and maybe a hand fasting too. A number of secrets could destroy the lives of the women, and only time and the truth can save them. 


An incredibly well written tale of time travel gone awry, which tickles the funny bone and keeps the reader engaged start to finish. Be forewarned there is serious sizzle between the feisty characters and their high-intensity chemistry keeps the banter fascinating. Character development is spectacular and solidifies the strength of the dramatic tale. The one drawback is the constant (to the point of redundancy) reminder of self-esteem issues. While important, it starts to drag things down. This attention to a minute detail detracts from the adventure awaiting the characters. Nothing changes the fact that this is a romance of the ages. Iain and Traci, keep the reader turning pages quickly!


Penelope Anne Bartotto