Music For My Soul


MEDIEVAL:  Madeleine Bouchard had escaped!  She was finally free of her abusive husband.  Now if she could just stay hidden, she may just live another day!  Fate seldom bows to one’s will, however.  Madeleine joins a group of mummers and, with her beautiful singing voice, finds a life of contentment - until the nobleman she duped while fleeing happens upon her again.  

Garrett Montayne cannot forget the beauty who ran off with his cloak - and his heart.  Unwilling to admit he fell and fell hard, Garrett finds himself looking for her in every face he sees. One day, there she is - as beautiful and elusive as ever.  What is she hiding and why won’t she allow him close enough to learn?  Determined to learn her secrets, Garrett hires the entire troupe to entertain on his estate. Just when things seem perfect, however, the past rears its ugly head and Madeleine is gone again.

This story takes a wonderful turn into the seldom explored topic of the life of traveling mummers and musicians.  Placing the heroine between the line of aristocracy and commonality is also a stroke of creative genius that makes for a delightful breath of fresh reading air!   The characters are created and developed with a fine touch, making the story both believable and enjoyable.  Madeleine’s character does get incredibly tedious with her continual lies, even when she knows Garrett will protect and love her.  Her decisions quickly become frustrating as the reader watches her tear Garrett’s heart apart with her actions.  That also applauds the talent of the author, however, as even while cursing the book one feels the beauty.

Ruth Lynn Ritter