Mr. West and the Widow

Sophie Barnes

Victoria Leighton has seen few people in the year she has been widowed. Left with an almost insurmountable debt, she has struggled to find ways to provide income and stay out of debtor’s prison. Wracked with emotional scars left from her late husband, Victoria is afraid no one will even notice if she’s gone – until the day an equally scarred man arrives at her door. Colin West does his best to avoid people. Left with a terribly scarred face – a gift a bomb and a war gave him – the horrid reactions of people are too much to bear at times. He understands his life going forward will be void of the dreams he used to hold, those of a wife and children… or happiness.  That is driven home one day as he is caught in a severe rainstorm and must ask aid from a beautiful yet reclusive widow.  Finding her estate in dire need of help but realizing she is completely unequipped to handle the problems, he kindly comes up with a plan to help her learn proper management. The challenge will be in keeping his heart from breaking completely.

What a wonderful Regency romance! It is a perfect story for those who enjoy a more realistic look and flow to the era the characters inhabit. The relationship between Victoria and Colin progresses at a believable rate, and imbues all the horrible insecurities each must overcome. Although a bit slow in a couple of places, it is both heartbreaking and heartwarming as each must learn to live and love again. It ultimately leaves a happy sigh and smile when that happily-ever-after finally happens! A delightful read!

Ruth Lynn Ritter