Mr. Darcy's Challenge: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (The Darcy Novels Book 2)


Fitzwilliam Darcy has not given up hope, even though Elizabeth Bennet has turned down his suit. With a strategy all worked out, he decides to aid the Bennets in finding Elizabeth’s sister, Lydia, who has gone missing, and thereby become Elizabeth’s knight in shining armor. When a chance encounter with Elizabeth causes her to push him away again, Darcy decides to carry out his pledge to help find Lydia but thereafter, go his own way. During the course of their search, Darcy, Elizabeth, and her family are thrown together, where Elizabeth sees Darcy in a new light. However, Elizabeth now needs to examine her conscience and decide if her feelings for Darcy have changed.


This cleverly crafted variation of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet’s relationship keeps the reader turning the pages. With the plot centering on finding Elizabeth’s errant sister, romance is placed on a back burner, although still the primary goal of the hero. The incorporation of a couple of secondary characters that do not contribute to the progression of the story tends to interrupt the flow somewhat, along with a couple of events that are left dangling, but these issues do not diminish the overall interest. Being the second installment of The Darcy Novels Series, it stands alone, although, reading the first in the series would give a better understanding of the events that led to “Mr. Darcy’s Challenge.” The characters are likeable and well developed with a solid plot that is well written. Readers who love Jane Austen’s work, as well as lovers of regency romance will find this captivating novel to their liking.  


Janna Shay