Mr. Dale and the Divorcee


Mrs. Wilhelmina (Mina) Hewitt meets Mr. James Dale at a ball and sparks fly when they touch. Minutes later, her husband, George accuses her of having many lovers. Several men admit to it. Mr. Dale watches them with contempt as they leave the ball. It was merely an act so they could get a divorce so George could marry his sweetheart. He married Wilhelmina years before to give her baby legitimacy after she was raped. Years after divorcing, Mina’s daughter, Cynthia, is running to Gretna Green with James’ son, Michael, to get married. James reluctantly shares his coach with Mina as they race to Gretna Green to stop the wedding. On the way, James finds himself still attracted to Mina, and he learns she is more than just a disgraced woman of the ton.

“Mr. Dale and the Divorcee” is a fast moving story with a wonderful arc! There are many unexpected twists in this tale of loves gone wrong and happily ever afters. Most of the characters are easily relatable and fun to get to know, even when they are piqued. There are many hearts in conflict in this gem of a tale. The dialogue is stilted at times, and James, like the barrister he is, repeatedly asks the same questions. Ms. Barnes cleverly has most of the action occurring in James’ coach as the couple gets to know one another. Running off to Gretna Green is a common storyline, but never do the parents follow along to stop the wedding and never does the trip end as surprisingly as this one. A fun story, it should be kept to reread again and again.

Belinda Wilson