Moonstone Conspiracy

Elizabeth Ellen

Lady Abigail Houghalle dreams of making her escape to Venice and living the rest of her days away from the judgmental view of England society. Until she can, she must continue her sentence under the watchful eye of Aunt Drusicilla as an informant and spy. Working so closely with Daniel Ridgeway is beginning to sway her feelings about men and love, even under such difficult and extremely dangerous circumstances. When they must investigate a possible betrayal to France during the darkest days of its revolution, it is not only truly life or death, but her heart is also in danger of falling for Daniel.

Mysterious and cunning, this romance is compelling with such vivid characters and adventure that it is quite easy to get wrapped up regardless of missing a few pieces of the back story for Abigail in the beginning. It is possible to be without any mercy towards her yet a damsel in distress she is not, and her stronger qualities outshine any misgivings the reader might have early on about her. Daniel is a wonderful combination of sly and endearing. The setting is an absolute bonus that drives the story into more than just an average historical romance and once it gets going there is no turning back.

Margaret Faria