Montana Maverick (Bear Grass Springs Book 3)


Jessamine McMahon has made a career out of writing the sensational as well as the factual, but in Bear Grass Springs, her writings are hitting a bit too close to home. Her frequent target, Ewan MacKinnon (dubbed by Jessamine as the town’s “most disreputable gentleman”), is determined to show Jessamine there is a better way. Ewan has no interest in marriage or love. A successful builder, he spends his evenings chasing the rush of gambling. He hides an old hurt beneath a smile, but as he and Jessamine go head to head, he begins to read between the lines and she catches a glimpse of a future she might have if she is willing to trust. 

The third book in the historical romance “Bear Grass Springs” series, readers will find the latest MacKinnon man finding love in an unexpected place. With a few twists and some added depth, “Montana Maverick” takes the basic romance plotline of rogue meets independent woman and hate to love, and gives it the humorous and emotional kick readers will embrace. While the story isn’t particularly original, and the pace can be a tad bit slow at times, the character growth on Jessamine’s part is well done, and several side characters are given some more movement and development that could easily become books four and five. Overall, this is a good small-town historical romance full of sparks and fun!

Sarah E Bradley