The Montana Gallagher Collection (Books 1-3)


WESTERN:  Gallagher's Pride #1:  Brenna Cameron arrives in Montana to find her grandfather, Nathan Hunter. Shortly after arriving her safety is threatened but help arrives in the form of the Gallagher brothers. Their feud with Nathan makes things dangerous for her.  It becomes harder to deny her attraction to Ethan and his stubborn pride blinds him to his true feelings. With time running out he has to make a decision or lose Brenna forever.


Gallagher's Hope #2: Gabriel Gallagher watches the ranch while Ethan is gone to Scotland. He meets Isabelle Rousseau from New Orleans who is to be the new school teacher. Isabelle is afraid to lose custody of her young brother Andrew to a distant cousin and the only solution is to marry. Gabriel willingly offers his help but with Nathan still causing the Gallaghers grief he fears for their safety and worries he may lose the best woman he's ever met.


Gallaher's Choice #3: Eliza  Gallagher may be a female but she is just as tough as her brothers. When things turn dire on the ranch, Ramsey Hunter, Nathan's grandson, proves to be friend not foe as the newly appointed sheriff. Eliza falls victim more than once and she thanks her lucky stars for Ramsey. Is it possible that a Hunter and a Gallagher could find happiness?


Ethan and Brenna are a fiery match. He is the strong and silent type; she, the classic damsel in-distress, and it never gets old in this story. A captivating beginning, keeping the reader engaged until the end. Book two delivers more of that Gallagher charm with Gabriel, who is irresistible.  The pace of this book is much slower, perhaps lacking enthusiasm and chemistry, however reaches a level of lingering emotion and depth by the end.  Eliza is not to be outdone by her brothers in appeal for the third book. She proves to have both brains and beauty. Ramsey adds intensity with his serious but alluring persona. The Montana Gallagher Collection is adventurous and romantic with scenes that transport you into the wild west!


Margaret Faria