Montana Burning (Montana Lovers Book 1)


WESTERN:  Adeline Aldrich has turned down yet another proposal of marriage, and her mother has handed her an ultimatum. Either get married or move out. Adeline decides to move from her beautiful home in Rhode Island to her sister Florence’s boarding house in the wilds of Montana. There she meets the brusque Jake Holloway, the local marshal and acting sheriff as well as one of Florence’s boarders. She takes an instant dislike to him, and Jake thinks young Adeline is nothing but trouble. When Adeline is almost trampled by Mason Pryor’s horse, Jake rescues her. Adeline then asks Jake to teach her how to ride. Against his better judgement, he makes time for lessons, and the two settle into an easy friendship. When Mason Pryor shows up again, wanting to court Adeline, Jake sees red. Pryor promises trouble when Adeline refuses his advances. Will this push Adeline and Jake together? What evil plans does Pryor have for Jake and Adeline?

“Montana Burning” has some beautiful scenic views described over the course of the story. It is easy to imagine the rolling meadows dotted with cattle and Jake’s homestead in the distance. Florence’s boarding house is charming, with quaint and often eccentric boarders.  Mason Pryor is the villain in this piece and plays an important role, but he is not well fleshed out. He should be more menacing and seen slinking about more often. Although it is a good story, the premise is clichéd, and predictable. In a bonus secondary love story that develops within this tale, there are unanticipated twists. Ms. Young tells a delightful story that will have readers pining for the old West.

Belinda Wilson