Monsoon Mists (Kinross Saga #3)


Swede Jamie Kinross has travelled to India to escape heartbreak and responsibility.  He has spent four years learning the gem trade to become a master, and is equally determined to remain a bachelor with no ties beyond those of a short tryst or a working relationship. Zarmina Miller, also known as the Ice Widow, had absolutely no intention of ever marrying again after the first forced marriage to a much older man. When strange twists of fate draw Jamie and Zarmina together, they are compelled to realize they must learn to trust each other along with their own intuitions when it comes to each other. 


“Monsoon Mists” by Christina Courtenay is a beautiful story full of suspense, love, heartache, reality, and mystery. Ms. Courtenay is a weaver of words that draws the reader in and entwines them in her spider web of a story. She is truly a master of her craft and has a deft hand when it comes to describing the world that her readers can get lost in. Four and a half stars explain how fabulous she is at her craft. And, although this book can stand on its own it would have been even better if a first time reader might understand that this was the third in a series. “Monsoon Mists” is correctly named. It is a monsoon of emotions and the mists wraps around the reader and holds them in place until the end. 

Mary-Nancy Smith