Mistletoe and Chain Mail (Holiday Knights Series Book 1)


Determined to become a baron, Sir Adam de Ware finds himself on the doorstep of Cavendish Castle on Christmas Eve.  Sent to spy on the earl to find out the reason behind his odd behavior, Adam must first win over the earl’s daughter Lady Eva, to gain access to the castle.  Knowing her love for a good meal, Adam puts his skills as a cook to work offering a Christmas goose as his ticket into the Christmas Eve ball. 

Lady Eva has done all she can to keep her father’s secret, going as far as forging missives to the king on his behalf.  However, when Sir Adam lands on her doorstep, holding the most enticing smelling goose, over her better judgment she allows him entrance.  As the Twelve Days of Christmas unfold, she is determined to stay away from Adam and his delicious food but with each bite her determination wanes and her father’s secret is on the brink of getting out.

“Mistletoe and Chain Mail” is a sweet Christmas romance that will leave readers' hearts warm and their stomachs rumbling.  From the meet-cute between Adam and Eva one knows that the two will be at odds with one another throughout the novel.  The descriptions of the setting and all the Christmas festivities will make readers wish to be a part of a medieval Christmas.  Although there is little mystery at where the plot is heading, it is still an enjoyable journey getting there.  The ending however, comes far too quickly and everything is wrapped up too neatly.  Ms. Rose delivers a fun story, with a medieval back drop, interesting characters and delicious-sounding food. 

Amy Cefoldo