Mist Warrior


Raina Strickland lay dying from the last beating her brute of a husband would ever give her. With her son Branan by her side, she struggles to tell him of his heritage before she dies. He is not the son of Strickland as he has believed for 12 years, but the son of Raina’s first husband Raulf MacTavish. Raulf was murdered in cold blood by Strickland because he wanted the Wardenship of the Royal Forest and the only way to get it was to have Raina as his wife. Fearing for the life of her baby, she tells Strickland it is his. But with Branan growing to look more and more like his true father, Raina fears for his life and tells him to run to the de Reigny family. After burying his mother he vows vengeance and runs. Twelve years pass before the time for vengeance arrives.

Set in early 1400s England, Branan’s life unfolds across the pages like a richly woven Scottish tartan. The tension ratchets up a notch at a time, and the reader is wound tighter with each turn of the page until the final conclusion explodes in a berserker’s rage no longer held in check. Trusting strangers to be allies and falling in love with a woman who can’t be his, means Branan’s road is never an easy one to travel. However, his steadfast determination to never be like his stepfather wins him loyal followers, but  is it enough to free the people, fulfill his oath and win the fair lady’s hand? Turn the page and see. Readers won’t be disappointed with this riveting Highland historical!

Carol Conley