Miss Braithwaite's Secret


Miss Caroline (Caro) Braithwaite is nineteen and a debutante in her first London Season, considered "The Incomparable." With a vast court of suitors, Caro leaves the season early with a secret that she shares with no one, not even her parents or closest friends at home in the country. In an effort to lift her spirits, Kate, the Marchioness of Northbrooke, organizes a house party to which Caro reluctantly agrees to attend.
The Marquis (Jack) leans on a school friend to even out the numbers in his wife's meddling affair. The Duke of Beverley,  (Ned) has no idea of the effect he had on Caro at their first meeting during one of the ton's many balls. His subsequent and chivalrous actions in the behalf of one lady in need has far reaching affects on the heart of one he will one day hold in high esteem.
G.G. Vandagriff has written yet another picturesque Victorian Romance with characters moving in the same circles. Even with the overlapping of secondary characters from previous books, it is not necessary to read her novels in a specific order to fathom and embrace the current book. The writing style lends itself well to the credibility and characterizations of this original twisting plot that only once felt contrived.  It is an easy, enjoyable tale one can eagerly immerse themselves in, then close the pages happy. Vandagriff does not disappoint!
Erin Murdock