The Misplaced Husband (The De Petras Saga Book 1)

Emily EK

Opal De Petras has opened her home for an afternoon tea party, easing herself back into society. She has sheltered herself for seven years, ever since her husband left without a word. Today is the day Jasper is legally declared dead. A disturbance in the hallway reveals Jasper, her misplaced husband! Opal’s emotions are mixed. Why is he making an appearance now? Especially when some of the ton’s biggest gossips are in attendance at her tea! Lady Romeril makes a few clever comments as she is leaving the house, and Opal just knows they are ruined. Jasper wants to start where they left off, but Opal no longer trusts him. He convinces her to let him woo her again like he did when they first met. But Opal still has huge misgivings.

“The Misplaced Husband” starts off as a comedic story with a newly declared widow and her three fascinating children whose world is turned upside down when her “dead” husband arrives on her doorstep. As much as Ms. Murdock tries, no chemistry sparks between Opal and Jasper, and neither character seems to have much depth. Opal jumps to conclusions too quickly about Jasper’s character without provocation. There is no conclusion as to where the notes came from which caused Jasper to unceremoniously leave for seven years. The story arc is lacking. The bright lights in this story are the children: Coral, Micah, and Emerald. The children accept Jasper unconditionally, although Emerald was born the day he left and never knew him. A tale of comedic errors, this story launches a series.

Belinda Wilson