Mischief, Mayhem, and Marriage (Supposed Scandal series)


Lady Alexandrina Lawson has no interest in Society. A widow, her disaster of a marriage has made her wary of Society events and the marriage mart. Unfortunately, when an encounter with a drunk draws the Earl of Harwood to her rescue in a manner that could prove ruinous, her choices become few, allowing him to save her or give up all chance of reuniting with her son. Taft Debenham, has little interest in the cold Lady Lawson, but an impulse leads him to marry the woman and save her reputation with his own. To his great surprise, his new wife proves to be much more than she appears, and warmer than he could ever imagine. Which leaves him with a single goal: to claim her heart.

A sweet stand-alone tale of a society widow and a wealthy English aristocrat, this slow burn romance combines a mix of witty mischief and light flirtation to make a perfect relaxing read. The addition of an adorable child and some supportive friends encourages this match and pushes the story along, with most of the plot exploring Lady Alexandrina’s feelings and past which gives little more complexity to the story. Lovers of historical romance will find this tale checks most of the boxes, and although the story lacks unique twists or thought-provoking depth, fans will find a solid pace and delightful happily ever after worth the read.

Sarah E Bradley