Mischief and Magnolias


Shaelyn Cavanaugh has been running the family steamship business since her father passed away some time ago. She does it to keep a roof over her and her mothers heads. Now, Major Remington Harte and his companion are telling them that their home and the steamships and warehouses are now the property of the Union! They dont have anything against North - after all, her brother is fighting for them - its just they have nowhere to go. Major Harte allows them to stay as long as her mother cooks and Shaelyn cleans for the officers staying at the house. Shaelyn can only take so much of this abuse and she takes it out on the major, by adding vinegar to his coffee, as well as other little tricks.


This is a beautifully written Civil War story told from the side of a Southern family who sympathized with the North. The characters are wonderfully three-dimensional and just the kind of people the reader would like to be neighbors with. The readers imagination is captured as the writer describes the countryside and the beauty of Magnolia House. One can almost hear footsteps across the magnificent marble floors as well as cringe while the footlockers are scraped against the same surface. This is an exquisite story that is truly worth a second read!


Belinda Wilson