The Miracle of Love (The Book of Love 15)

Meara Platt

Grace Monfort is stunningly beautiful and idealistically innocent. Just before her debut into society, her father and brother disgrace the family by stealing. Agents of the Crown tear apart the Monfort holdings, hunting for the stolen property to prevent war. Several items remain missing, including the bejeweled crown of a foreign country. Grace’s confidence disappears when she gets shunned by society. Luckily, she is given refuge by Lady Miranda for the Christmas holidays. Declan Quinton, top agent for the Crown, gets assigned to protect Grace from multiple foreign enemies bent on kidnapping Grace to force the return of the missing crown. A self-sufficient loner, Declan heads to his room in Aunt Miranda’s London home as a base of operations to complete his assignment. After an exhausting journey, he slips into the house late and falls into his bed, only to discover Grace asleep. Can he protect her without impacting their hearts?  

Ms. Platt opens with an awkward encounter between the two protagonists, adding appearances by Declan’s aunt and mother. Declan maintains his assignment to protect this sweet virgin day and night. A book left in the room focuses on how the five senses of humans play vital roles in lasting love. Discussions over the book’s contents reveal Declan and Grace’s innermost feelings and opposing perspectives, yet seem unnecessarily repetitive in places. Grace views him as a leopard, and he finds her an exquisite treasure to be cherished. When foreign agents forcefully attack the couple, Declan devises a plan to evade the threats by taking Grace on a risky one-way journey. Historical romance readers will love turning the pages to discover the surprises along their trip. 

Simone Dober