Mine, Forever and Always

Tammy L.

REGENCY:  Lily Scott has been in love with her best friend’s brother Henry Dalton since she married him in a fake wedding ceremony put on by his sister. Yet, after years apart, the young man Lily adored has become cold and arrogant, never acknowledging Lily or even remembering her name. When they meet once again at a house party hosted by Lily’s friend, will Lily be able to move past her years of longing for someone else, or will Henry finally remember his words during their pretend ceremony: ‘Mine, forever and always’?


A sweet and quick paced regency romance, “Mine, Forever and Always” is a whirlwind of miscommunication, romantic feelings, and regency manners. Lily is a romantic and writer, while Henry is trying to live up to his duties and forget about Lily. Neither is particularly standout as individual characters; however, together they create fireworks every time they converse. With a basic plot and love as the motivation, the side story with Henry’s sister provides most of the confusion and movement to the plot which, unfortunately, can also be confusing to the reader.  Despite the lack of character development and miscommunication, the sweet romance has a good ending which should add this book to many readers "to read" lists.


Sarah E Bradley