A Midwinter Ball

Heidi Ashworth, Annette Lyon,
Michele Paige Holmes

Much Ado About Dancing – With a reputation for an inordinate amount of marriage announcements as its result, the party at Dance Hall is the most anticipated event of the year. For Miss Analisa Lloyd-Jones this may be her last defense against confirmed spinsterhood.  

Sweeter Than Any Dream – Oppression from her mother and aunt weigh heavily upon Olivia. Retreating to a daydream that includes the companionship of an unfocused dream man is her only reprieve. But, when this dream man materializes in the flesh, Olivia realizes only she can truly save herself.  

An Invitation to Dance – Wishes on falling leaves, buttons scandalously left undone, and a mouth that lets loose with whatever comes to her mind. It comes as a shock to Mr. Darling. With no one to blame but himself, his life is horribly limited and leaves him detached from society. Perhaps someone like Ella is exactly what he needs.

A Midwinter Ball” is nothing less than masterful and lovely! Though presented in an anthology, each of these books offers its own unique voice, frolicking story, and fulfilling end. Originality, plot, pacing, and character development all contribute to stories that will prompt readers to seek out additional works from these three talented ladies. This analogy is just what readers are seeking—three wonderful stories coupled with the opportunity to discover new authors and a new list of books to add to the TBR pile!

Sofia St. Angeles