A Midwife for Sweetwater and A New Face in Town (Sweetwater #2)


This book is really two books in one! The first book, “A Midwife for Sweetwater” introduces Rebecca Johansen. She is free of being a burden on her family and becomes a midwife for a small town called Sweetwater. There are several women pregnant in town, so she is confident that she will have work to keep her occupied. What she didn’t expect is her own love story with the local preacher! The second book, “A New Face in Town” brings the lovely Victoria Watkins to Sweetwater. She came after signing a marriage contract but discovered that her future husband is a drunk. She flees and finds a place helping out in a local shop. The local sheriff is uncertain of her, but the way danger always follows her, he feels compelled to help her.

Everyone finds love in this set of historical stories! The women seem to be ahead of their time in their vocations. It is really admirable that the stories address self-confidence in these women as well. Rebecca struggles with her weight, which affects her self-confidence. However, the men are quite despicable. They are not that bright and have the typical “boys will be boys” mindset. They are just not able to control themselves around women, and lose control often. The love scenes are written in a very clinical way, with little romance evident. The writing in general is very stagnant. There is no flow and the jump from scene to scene is very jarring. Despite that, the endings are very sweet, just like the name of the town!

Amanda Hupe