The Midwife’s Secret: The Mystery of the Hidden Princess (The Queen of Scots Suite #3)


In a time where boundaries are fought over, religious fervor is rampant and women are the pawns to win control, Mary Queen of Scotts sits imprisoned on an island, all because of men’s treachery and lust for power.  The secret that trumps them all, however, is the birth of her daughter. Very few know of the small girl named Daisy, who is taken away in the middle of the night and hidden from the world.  


Secrets have a nasty way of coming to light, though, and as time goes on and the girl grows into an exquisite beauty, rumors or her identity abound - rumors that will prove fatal if evidence is found.  As all the players in Scottish history take sides, Daisy alone must determine her destiny.


The main story in this historical tale is an extremely good one.  It immediately grabs the reader and engages them in the plight of the young child named Daisy.  The problem is, that story is almost impossible to find at times and is extremely hard to follow because of all the added historical side stories!  It seems everyone who lived during that era was not only introduced but given stories of their own.  This completely overwhelms what could be an exquisite book and often turns it into a very rambling history lesson.  Scottish history buffs would most likely rate this higher but the rest will wish a very good editor would have cut through the verbiage so we could discover the gem underneath.


Ruth Lynn Ritter