A Midsummer’s Kiss (The Farthingale Series #4)


Lord Graelem Dayne, Baron Moray, is in search of a wife. He has a ridiculously short frame of time in which to secure said wife so that he may receive his full inheritance. Blast his Uncle’s peculiar requirements! When Moray is felled by a most bizarre accident, he finds himself trapped in a difficult situation. 


Laurel Farthingale only sought to take her horse on a jaunt in the park when instead she plowed straight into Baron Moray. The infernal beast broke the Lord’s leg and somehow managed to get her caught in a betrothal. In love with another, she must somehow convince Graelem that she is not the type of woman he desires for a wife before the clock signals the Midsummer’s Eve. 


Written with style and class that exemplifies the talent of the writer, the reader is immediately drawn into the lives of the characters and the beautifully crafted storyline and is kept enthralled to the very end. The antics of Laurel and all the Farthingale daughters are both hilarious and devious. Baron Moray is the epitome of sexiness that will cause women to swoon. Minor complaints would be a predictable plot twist and some head hopping - there are times when knowing who is speaking is tough. Altogether very minor issues. “A Midsummer’s Kiss” is a breath of fresh air in an oft-stale literary world as of late, and worthy of reading again, and again. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto