Midnight Promise


MULTICULTURAL:  In the last two years Ruiz Navarro has lost his wife, his father and has fought in a war. Now he has to recover his familys fortune or to at least find a way to keep the family vineyards. That is duty, which is very familiar to him. Developing a relationship with his young daughter? Dealing with the desire he feels for his childhood friend, Julia? Not as easy.


Julia Flores wants the best for her family and is willing to fight for it. The vineyards are their life so what if she has been in love with Ruiz her whole life? Shes not sure the warmth of the boy is still alive in the dutiful manBut, as trouble keeps finding them, it looks as if she might find out.


Wine and horses, dust and the heat, the wilderness of Texas is achingly alive in Midnight Promise. The author does an excellent job of making history come alive! The story of Ruiz and Julia is one of old friends finding each other, comfortable in its closeness and familiarity in a strange environment. The pace is slow at times, with side characters that fail to come truly to life. That, combined with the way the main characters are kept from the suspense until the very end makes for a not too thrilling reading experience. 


Family keeps people sane. Ms. Roman is wonderfully thorough at exploring, and making the reader feel the different kinds of family ties in the past. Those of duty, honor, love


Mimi Smith