Midnight Magic


Jessie Walsh has changed her identity and accepted a job as a cook and nanny on a ranch in faraway Texas, all in order to escape an abusive family situation. Running with her daughter in tow, she can only hope that her deceased husband’s family never finds her. When she arrives in Texas, however, fate doesn’t seem to be on her side as she comes to love the cowboys on the ranch - and one in particular. But how can she ever tell the truth about herself, and risk losing the man who’s stolen her heart and the ranch family she now thinks of as her own?

Talk about bad luck! Jessie Walsh has cornered the market on it with an abusive marriage, a horrible time fitting in just about everywhere she goes, Indian troubles, cattle-drive mishaps, kidnapped kids, and being nearly murdered herself several times. This poor woman has lived enough trouble for three lifetimes, which makes it difficult to really feel any depth to the experiences because there’s always another trial coming at her on the next page. The author writes great characters that readers can care about, but really, going through the emotions with them is difficult when there’s so much to deal with.  The building romance between the two single parents is heartfelt, however, and the settings were very well-done. Readers will love the Texas descriptions and the little ranch family. A little East Coast adventure rounds out this western romance and will keep readers rooting for the happily-ever-after.

Kate Campbell