Mhairi’s Yuletide Wish


This delightful novella is about a young Scottish lady named Mhairi who lives in 1303.  It begins as Mhairi and her ailing mother are fleeing their home as it is being invaded by the English. Mhairi is terribly worried that they will not make it to her grandfather’s home because of the stormy winter weather.  This is when Michaell Kerr shows up to help them escape.  He is Mhairi’s childhood friend and she is thrilled to see him.  He has always been in love with her and he hasn’t said a word to anyone about it. Everyone still thinks he is a young boy, but he has plans and he is working on making them come true. Then he finds out that Mhairi has been betrothed to an older man in exchange for her uncle’s life. Now he is in a race against time to get her out of the betrothal, which has put him in a bind.

Readers will be pulled into the action and romance of Mhairi’s wish. This delightful story is light, fast, and believable. Tied in to all the action is a mysterious ring that Mhairi desperately needs. And with the romance blooming between Michaell and Mhairi readers will need more than just a hug and a kiss to try and figure out what is going on and what will happen to Mhairi in the end. Since it is so close to Christmas, will it be a happy ending for anyone? Of course, only the readers will know.

Jodi Martines