Merry Mayhem – A Collection of Yuletide Rogues and Outlaws

Anna Markland, Catherine Kean, Cathy MacRae,
E. Elizabeth Watson, Laurel O’Donell, Sue-Ellen Welfonder

“Merry Mayhem” presents six medieval tales of holiday romance where rogues and outlaws lay siege to the hearts of damsels; or perhaps they are rescued by the gift of a damsel’s love.

Anna Markland delivers a devious tale as Kenzie and Teague execute a daring escape "To Rescue a Highland Rebel" from the infamous Tower of London.

Catherine Kean’s story of a treacherous siege & treasure hunt reunites young lovers, Pitt and Blythe, as a nefarious plot and “An Outlaw’s Desire" collides.

Cathy and D. D. MacRae present a witty romance about “The Highlander’s Pirate Bride”, where Pedr's desire for an adventurous bride is met when he strikes a deal to wed Rona, AKA, the Black MacNeill.

E. Elizabeth Watson spins a dramatic tale where Katherine devises a rescue plan for her betrothed, after learning of the nefarious plot to use “The Capture of Finnan MacLeod” to stop their wedding.

Laurel O'Donnell’s “Yule Bride” is an enchanted tale where differing views on the joys and sorrows of celebration present a challenge to the forthcoming wedding of the roguish Sir Caleb, and the merry Lady Harmony. 

Sue-Ellen Welfonder delivers adventure, fantasy, and magic when her tale of Alanna’s curse and Callum’s order to kidnap her fulfills “A Yuletide Promise” of a legendary love the bards will sing of.

Pulling heartstrings and jerking a few tears, each delightful novella centers around Yuletide. Although not every tale delivers a clear cut villain, they manage to cover a range of innocent blushes to scintillating desires. Six gifted authors spin legend and lore of destined soul mates with merry tales delivering an abundance of escapades, mayhem, yearning, and forever love, sure to entice readers to curl up in their favorite spot as they are whisked away to a long ago time of enchantment.

Tonya Mathenia