Mechanized Masterpieces: A Steampunk Anthology

Annika Arrington, Alyson Grauer, Aaron and Belinda Sikes, A. F. Stewart
Scott William Taylor, Neve Talbot, M. K. Wiseman, D. W. Wilkin, Penny Freeman

STEAMPUNK:  What if the classics had been written to fit in the genre of steampunk? In this anthology the underlying stories of Jane Eyre's "Sense and Sensibility", "David Copperfield", "The Little Match Girl", "Phantom of the Opera", "A Christmas Carol" and "Frankenstein" are there, but with the addition of cogs, gears, steam power, dirigibles and people with mechanical parts added to them when illness or injury damages them beyond their ability to repair themselves. 

The authors here bring characters old and new together to weave a wonderful fresh look at old favorites. Battles at sea are something one has seen and read about, but what if Copperfield is in a battle in the air while flying a dirigible? What about Frankenstein’s monster? Can a clockwork girl defeat him? What if the Phantom of the Opera creates clockwork ballet dancers? What if the Little Match Girl is running a power plant by herself while others celebrate New Year’s Eve? What if Bertha Mason was insane because she practiced voodoo? What if Dashwood is First Mate and wife to a pirate Captain? The ever popular Ebenezer Scrooge has not one, but two stories retold here and they are as different as night and day yet both are thought-provoking. Written in the wonderfully rich style of the times these stories take the reader in new delightful directions leaving one just as satisfied with the new as with the old!


Carol Conley