McKenna’s Honor (Clan MacDougall #4)


How could this have happened?  Angus McKenna, the most respected and honored clan chieftain in Scotland, along with his son-in-law Duncan McEwan have admitted to and been convicted of crimes against their king and against Scotland?   There has to be an explanation, but unless it is uncovered fast both Angus and Duncan will hang.


As those who love these men desperately work to discover the truth behind the charges, an unknown player enters the game and, unbeknownst to her not only changes the lives of many, but the very direction of Scotland itself!


For anyone who loves a great escapade set in the romantic but harsh medieval Scotland, this story is the cream!  Ms. Tisdale weaves intrigue and mystery with love and romance, then adds a dash of adventure laced with humor to present a most delicious treat.  All the characters from previous books (and they are numerous) take part so if one has not read her books, this may be more frustration than fruition.   Those who are familiar with Angus and his posterity, however,  will readily remember many threads that have been sown previously now showing their true colors, adding a richness to this series that is thoroughly enjoyable. 


Ruth Lynn Ritter