McClintock’s Reluctant Bride (The McClintocks Book 3)


Nettie Clayton has a bright future planned for herself. She is soon to start teaching at the local school, she has a wonderful bedroom at her parent’s house, and if love should come along, well, she wouldn’t be against it. Josh McClintock, on the other hand, is a hard-working, fast-playing, and confirmed bachelor - at least for the foreseeable future. But when a late night birthday party finds him in Nettie Clayton’s bedroom, the lives of the two are quickly intertwined forever. When a threat to Nettie and Josh’s life appears, will they become a help or a hindrance to each other and will love finally find them? 

Caroline Clemmons has created her own world in McClintock Falls, Texas. The characters are rich and have a depth of their own. They are each unique and complement each other in a way that works in a small town. There are light points in the story that will make a reader laugh and sad moments that will bring a tear to one’s eye. Through it all, there are characters to fall in love with and characters that readers will want to take out behind the woodshed. “McClintock’s Reluctant Bride” might be that way at first but Nettie and Josh come together in a most spectacular way. Five stars for a wonderful and charming story! 

Mary-Nancy Smith