May Queen: May Day (Holiday Knights #3)


Lord Ricard Wellington has worked hard for his reputation and favor with the king. Marrying the daughter of a local baron should cement his alliances. Unfortunately, when the baron arrives early, he doesn’t bring his daughter but rather his niece, Lady Flora Debenham, a beautiful but mysterious woman whose secrets intrigue and threaten Ricard. Willing to accept Flora, Ricard does his best to get to know the lady before their marriage. 

Unfortunately, Flora has no intention of marrying and is only interested in finding the Druids who inhabit Ricard’s woods, and finding her father. The problem is that the king has charged Ricard with hunting down and eliminating all druids in the vicinity, a task he willingly takes on after a druid murdered his parents. With so many secrets between them, can Flora and Ricard learn the truth about the druids before the May Day celebrations of Beltane, or will enemies within and without drive them apart? 

A quick medieval tale, this book is a meld of unexpected romance and druid traditions. Ricard and Flora make an interesting couple, because for a strong leader and warrior he tends to be easily manipulated and immature, while she reads as childish and scheming. Further, the side cast shows none of the attitudes prevalent in that era. Yet, despite that, the characters are surprisingly interesting and funny. The romance builds steadily, culminating appropriately on May Day and finally the truth surrounding the druids provides enough conflict to keep the reader interested in what will happen next. Overall, this book is made for fans of medieval romances, simple conflict, and very human characters.

Sarah E Bradley