A Matter of Convenience (The Mayfair Literary League Book 1)


Lady Phoebe Fitzroy is a member of The Mayfair League, with a strong love of books, but she has gone five London seasons without finding a husband. Nearly desperate, she decides to act boldly and propose to the Earl of Bolton, Lord Anthony Stanhope. The proposed marriage would be a business proposition and a matter of convenience. Though Phoebe has prepared a compelling list of why they both would suit, Anthony still refuses to marry her. Anthony doesn’t want to hurt Phoebe and ends up kissing her instead. Anthony is shocked by the feelings he has when kissing Phoebe and wants more. The more Anthony steals kisses, the more he realizes marriage to Phoebe isn’t something he should dread. In fact, marrying for convenience might bring both of them the love they’ve been missing.

What a delightful historical romance that is a humorous, exhilarating read! The story reads easily and fairly quickly too. The visual settings and the characters are easy to picture, and the verbal banter of all the characters moves the book along beautifully. Unfortunately, Anthony, the marriage-shy hero, spends a lot of time kissing Phoebe and never explains himself, even when, by kissing, he falls for her and ends up having to correct his mistakes in marriage anyhow, so readers never really feel sorry for him as opposed to Phoebe, the quiet, courageous heroine who manages to propose marriage even at the risk of being rejected and humiliated. The story shimmers with miscommunications and misplaced affections, making for a light, easygoing tale that readers will absolutely relish in!

Roslynn Ernst