Master of Dawn: A Medieval Romance

Kathryn LeVeque

Sir Galen Burleson, a warrior who’s survived many battles, is the sole heir to Tadcaster. The secrets kept by his father remain hidden until his imminent death, when Galen’s father enters into an agreement for his son to marry a wealthy heiress. Lady Lorica de la Beauvriere, the eldest daughter of Everard, owner of St. Nicholas Court, was born beautiful, then educated to fulfill her duty to marry well. Galen and Lorica meet at her father’s estate during a victory feast after the families joined forces in battle. The pair decidedly clash. Galen is taken with her stunning looks, while her residual anger with his rude behavior haunts her long after the feast. Lorica learns of her arranged marriage to fulfill family duty. The unsuspecting couple discovers they have more in common than imagined.

Descriptions of battles, feasts, and events are highlighted with passionate injections of colors and sound, making the pages come alive as Kathryn LeVeque depicts the practical process in Medieval times of securing title, wealth, property, and position through family alliances. Lorica and Galen are three-dimensional characters with multi-faceted perspectives. Both start from a point of duty but together build a lasting foundation of honesty, respect, trust, and love. Life in England during the Middle Ages springs to life in this intriguing story filled with emotional upheaval as women wait for men to return home. Readers will enjoy the antics of Lorica’s dogs and the banter between knights loyal to the death. This makes a delightful read for fans of historical tales of Lords and Ladies who thrive as they give their best every day. Keep the tissue box close by!


Simone Dober