Marrying Christopher (Hearthfire Romance #3)

Michele Paige

After helping his sisters find true love, Christopher Thatcher sets sail to find adventure in America, and avoid any more complicating women. Unfortunately for Christopher, he can’t resist a damsel in distress and Marsali Abbott has more than one problem. As the two become friends aboard a new steamship crossing the Atlantic, they discover that what awaits them in America was not what they expected. Together they might overcome the challenges, if the sea and sabotage doesn’t stop them first.


Another fantastic addition to the historical romance series! Christopher didn't mean to find love, but despite all his resistance he’s too much of a good guy not to want to help Marsali, who is strong but desperately needs help. Both characters are the type of people one wants to be - strong, but kind. Love develops as a slow burn and since the plot twists add new drama with every chapter the reader won’t miss the sparks. The side characters add to the development and make the reader hope for more books, particularly concerning Marsali’s sister. The only downside is the slow pace of the tale. This is a clean sweet romance with plenty of turns to keep the reader interested and an ending that will remind them what real love is really like.


Sarah E. Bradley