Marry for Love


Delilah has allowed her twin sister Deborah to bully her for years. Resigned to playing second fiddle until her sister marries, Delilah has always allowed Deborah to get her way. However, when Deborah sets her sights on Hamish Baillie, Fourth Earl of Blackwood, Delilah has had enough. Unwilling to allow Deborah to trap Hamish into marriage, Delilah sacrifices everything to save the one man she’s loved since first meeting him. Hamish isn’t sure just what got into Delilah at the church but there’s something about this sister that catches his attention. As Delilah attempts to make a new life, and Deborah seeks revenge, which twin will win?


A delightful historical romance, “Marry for Love” has a basic plot but with a few new twists on marriage schemes, and diverse and distinct characters to add to the fun. Deborah and Delilah are starkly opposite, and Hamish’s actions as he separates the two and deals with his suspicions and attractions to Delilah are nicely done. The pace is smooth and events unfold naturally. However, the formatting and structure is a bit off and head hopping occurs without warning several times mid-chapter which can be confusing. Still, the romance is sweet and the schemes are different, so while the ending is as expected the journey is worthwhile.


Sarah E. Bradley