The Marquess of Mischief (The Rakes of Mayhem Book 2)

St. Claire

Christopher Anglesey is determined not to let the fact he is Marquess of Banbury get in the way of his duty to the crown. He attends all the events of society but has managed to keep the marriage minded mothers and daughters at bay. Lady Diana Lawrence lost her sight in a carriage accident and has come to the conclusion that she will never be found desirable by any man. However, when she overhears something she shouldn’t, she runs into her best friend’s brother who is exactly the person she needs. As they work to discover who plans to kill the Prince Regent, they find their feelings growing for one another. Can they get through the danger and find the love that each of them desires? Or will the enemy prevail?

From the first page, the adventure starts and doesn’t let up until the end. This is the perfect blend of historical romance and mystery all wrapped up in one nice little bow. The sexy Marquess who has a job to do and the strong female lead who has been through a great deal are ideally matched, and Anna St. Claire writes their relationship so well that readers will find themselves rooting for these two. This is definitely a page turner, especially with the added mystery of a potential assassination. An awesome addition to the “Rakes of Mayhem” series which will have readers going back to read the first book in the series too. Fans of historical romance will want to download this gem of a novel today

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick