The Marquess Meets His Match

Julie Coulter

Lord Christian Wolverton deals in intelligence — specifically dealing with the war against Napoleon. When family responsibilities call him away from his duties, he comes upon information that could swing the war in France's favor. With no time to spare, Christian has to make work of it. Lady Alice, a beautiful woman and the daughter of Lord Huntingdon, is also a trained agent. When she is made to join forces with Christian, she finds herself dismissed as too involved. Danger is everywhere and Christian and Lady Alice both have strong opinions that clash about who the traitor might be. Are they able to work through their differences and capture the villain before it is too late, or will their emotions get the better of them?

This regency spy romance is filled with intrigue, suspense and a hero who could make the hardest of hearts swoon. There is well-worded banter, beautifully sculpted scenes and much adventure. While it is a sweet romance with only a few kisses to be had here and there, the romantic tension is sharp and keeps the reader interested.

Lady Alice is a strong woman with a sharp tongue and bright mind, but her tender heart gives her the feminine touch that the reader will love. Supporting characters are well written, and the world is truly enjoyable and not too farfetched from reality. This is a truly enjoyable and easy read for both those who love the period as well as readers who have never read the genre.

Cecilia Robins