The Marquess’s Stolen Bride (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 3)


Madeline has spent her life locked away in a tower. The Marquess of Hayden falls through the tower window on a drunken quest to see if the rumors are true, and finds the lost bastard daughter of a mad Earl. Before Hayden literally falls into her life, Madeline was the victim of abuse and an auction, arranged by Foley and Lady Ashburn, her father’s wife, where greedy men ogled and pawed at her. Hayden showers Madeline with love, care, and affection, and tries to bring her out of her secluded shell, while Foley, in league with Lady Ashburn, do everything they can to ruin Madeline’s new happiness. Will this pair have a happy ending? Or will the machinations of the evil duo reign supreme?

*Content Warning, contains details of abuse* Every abused woman needs a Hayden! His patience and gentleness after Madeline’s terrible lifetime of abuse at the hands of her family is heartwarming. This is a very steamy romance, and Hayden and Madeline never lack in the passion department, however, the steam takes up a bit too much of the plot. Nevertheless, the characters are well written and loveable. More plot elements could have been better explained and expanded upon to answer some lingering questions readers not familiar with the series might have. Some of the sexual language didn’t seem time period appropriate either. Still, “The Marquess’s Stolen Bride” is quite the page turner, with real to life characters that any reader would want to call ‘friends’.

Amy Rubottom