The Marquees’ Daring Wager, (The Duke’s Pact, Book 2)


Picking up from book one in The Duke’s Pact series, Lord Richard Smythe, Marquess of Lockwood, is one of the remaining five Lords, sons of predominant London Dukes, who are now subject to serious consequences of their fathers’ determination for them to marry. The young Lords are just as determined to remain single. Lady Sybil Hayworth is determined never to forgive the five young Lords who plotted against her friend, Cassandra Knightsbridge. Now that Cassandra and one Marquess are happily married, Richard is begging for mercy and a dance with Sybil, but Sybil has no intention of granting either.

Ms. Archer has mastered the historical aspects of sweet regency novels. Lord Richard Lockwood is a formidable, yet very likeable hero. His determination is winsome. Whether it be rushing into battles on in the field with the enemy or to win the girl, he accepts no obstacle or barrier. His loyal and proper footman Kingston, and saucy street urchin, Charlie, are a fantastic duo who aid Lord Richard throughout the story. Lady Sybil is not as experienced or worldly-wise as her hero. Her insecurities cause her to repeatedly make incorrect assumptions, which make the story drag. Sybil and Richard’s romance is slow to take form, being condensed to the last few pages, and thereby rushing the ending. Readers would be advised to read the first book of the series before this one to better understand book two. Many of the characters’ reactions are residual to events in the previous story. Regardless, fans of TV shows Beverly Hills 90210, Hollyoak, and Gossip Girls will enjoy this series! 

Emerson Matthews