The Market Stall Girl


Beth Beaumont is happy with her life. The daughter of a successful rhubarb farmer in West Yorkshire, she spends her days working the family market stall selling fruit and vegetables with little thought of marriage until Noah Jackson, a village miner with aspirations to be a teacher starts to pay her attention. Unfortunately, Beth’s striking beauty and fiery temper have also attracted the attention of Louis Melville, the wealthy son of the local gentry who is not used to being denied. With resistance from both families and troubles at home, can Noah care for his family and still win Beth’s heart, or will Louis get what he wants once again?

An engrossing historical romance, “The Market Stall Girl” is the beginning of something epic! From start to finish, readers will be caught up in Beth’s journey toward love. The story involves multiple conflicts which keep the plot interesting and believable characters that practically leap off the page. Readers will find themselves enthralled by the clean but warm slow-building romance but even more engrossed by the ever-increasing hints of danger and foreboding around the antagonist. While the story is left slightly open ended for the inevitable sequel, the smooth writing and delightful characters and romance are all prime reading for those who can’t get enough of this genre. Overall, this book is a huge win and a must read!

Sarah E Bradley