A Man without a Mistress (The Penningtons Book 2)


Sibilla Pennington refuses to marry just anyone.  Schooled by her recently departed father to have an outspoken opinion on political matters, entirely unheard of in her time, she has become quite picky. Disillusioned to discover that practically every man in London has a mistress, Sibilla uses that fact to defend her stance of not marrying until the perfect man could be found…a man without a mistress.  Sir Peregrine “Per” Sayre has an unyielding task: to account for reformed prostitutes to aid his employer’s ploy in Parliament.  Sibilla insists on assisting Per in his search, but will their adventure reveal all that he is tasked with or develop a much stronger tie?

A unique tale for historical lovers who enjoy political revolution during the Victorian age, "A Man without a Mistress" depicts the plight reformation architects were tasked with in order to bring about change.  Opinionated Sibilla is a complex personality that gives our current liberties pause to celebrate her unfailing desire to help others and her refusal to go quietly into the night.  

Forward thinking Sir Peregrine’s foundation is solidly built; however the past he has worked to ignore is somewhat drawn out, which may lead readers to lose interest and wonder if the tale could be shortened.  This novel is a stand-alone installment, the second of the Penningtons series, however a few threads obviously linking to the first book may leave readers with a few questions.  Great care has been taken in painting the setting, displaying the tedious details the author researched to give the readers this steamy original period account.

Roberta Gordon