The Making of a King (Cour De Lion Book II)


Alixandra is a modern-day history student who, by chance, was transported into the past: specifically to twelfth century France. When she returns to her own time, she finds that her previous antics as Richard the Lionheart’s lover have irrevocably changed history.  She must find a way to right her wrongs. When she is finally able to return to the past, she becomes entangled in royal intrigue, some of Richard’s devious family’s designs, some of her own making. Alixandra’s love for Richard continues to grow, but she must find a way to juggle her feelings while also making sure that the course of history runs straight.

Pamela Todd-Hunter is a marvel at intertwining real life historical facts within a fictional realm. The world building is wonderful, allowing readers to truly feel immersed in the world of Richard’s rise to power. The language feels true to the time period, the vocabulary is on point, and there is a wide web of interesting characters. Unfortunately, this same strength exacerbates a weakness: the pacing. While the historical facts are interesting, the pacing of the story trudges along slowly, never quite gripping the reader or drawing them in. Certain moments begin to feel repetitive while waiting for the action to come. For readers wanting fast paced action, this may not be their speed. But for those readers who adore attention to detail, historical accuracy, and live for the “slice of life” type of feel, this author has concocted the perfect literary recipe.

Shailyn Rogers