Mail-Order Moriah: A Brides of Beckham Book (Pearson Grove #1)


In 1885 Moriah Singleton made the long trip from her home in England to Massachusetts to start a new life and hopefully bring her sister Felicity to the new land of America. She worked at The Sterling Shirt Factory where she had found out that her employer was a bully. He had taken advantage of women in his office and when pay day came around, he had called Moriah to come upstairs to his office. But Moriah had high moral standards and refused to let him take advantage of her. She had lost her job but not her dignity. So now what was she going to do? How was she going to live?  Her friend introduces a letter from a mail-order bridal company. Should Moriah risk this? In a quick decision she decides to try it.

Readers will love this wonderful story of Moriah and Scott. When the two strangers meet the adventures begin and although the story starts out slow it builds momentum until readers find that it is hard to put down. The mysteries surrounding the local people hold some answers for the young couple and they may never know what is going on until the very end.  What happens next will only be found by those readers ready for a wild western ride!

Jodi Martines